Boiler Servicing

Your boiler is probably the most ignored appliance in your home. It quietly works away in the background heating your radiators and supplying hot water to your taps and showers. It's unlikely that you look at it at all, especially if its hidden in a cupboard or compartment. We've known customers who didn't even know where it was in the house or if they had one!

But what happens when it stops working? Then suddenly it is the most important appliance in the world because there is no hot water, and no heating, and it just doesn't seem to want to start however many times you try pushing the switch! Waiting for the engineer often seems like a lifetime! (We've waited in line ourselves once upon a time.)

An annual service of your boiler can help to prevent breakdowns, because we ensure that the working parts are operating correctly modern boilers have diagnostics that will tell us if a fault has occurred.

Servicing improves the efficiency of the boiler and could reduce your gas bill by up to 10%.

Most importantly a large part of the service is checking that the boiler is safe to use giving you peace of mind.

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